Josh Larson

I'm Josh Larson. Nice to meet you!

I'm a dad, a software engineer, and a creator. I work at Shopify, and I live near Des Moines, Iowa. I'm passionate about solving hard problems and creating great experiences for other people.

I'm married to a wonderful wife, with whom I started a software company called Barkpass. Here's some stuff I wrote recently!

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Here are some projects I've been building in my spare time:


Flareact is an edge-rendered React framework built for Cloudflare Workers. It is an open-source project inspired by Next.js. Check out the docs below, or visit the GitHub repo.
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In Progress
Rafter is an open-source serverless deployment platform built on top of Google Cloud. It's a side project I started building in 2020. I'm also writing about it on its own blog, Inside Rafter:
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    Launched in 2019, Barkpass is a pet licensing and dog park management software-as-a-service created by Bri and me. We have one customer so far, but we're looking to expand soon. Be sure to check out the blog, Building Barkpass:
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    Imagine if WordPress objects were as fluent and modern as Laravel Eloquent or Rails ActiveRecord models. Fresa makes that dream come true.
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    In 2018, I started an educational website where I'd planned to record screencasts of all the cool things I learned. As it turns out, this was a lot more time-consuming than I thought, and the site never took off. But it's still out there!
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    Docker Compose is a command-line tool which can feel out of reach for beginners. I built a graphical user interface for it and called it Lifeboat.
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    Check out some highlights from my world, or view them all: