Things: Projects, Speaking, and more

Here are some of the things I do or have done or am doing right now or am proud of or would like to share with you, a human, reading this run-on sentence:


  • Barkpass: A dog park management and pet licensing software for local government and small businesses. A fun side project with Bri.
  • Superflare: A full-stack toolkit for Cloudflare Workers. Would love to revive this and make it a thing, because the world still needs it.
  • Hydrogen: Built an early version of React Server Component-based framework at Shopify, and then helped rewrite it on top of Remix.
  • Flareact: A React framework for Cloudflare Workers, inspired by Next.js, before every framework under the sun could be edge rendered.
  • Rafter: A deployment platform built on top of Google Cloud Run. Turns out, building something like this in your free time is hard! I stopped working on it, but I learned a ton.
  • Fresa: Imagine if WordPress objects were as fluent and modern as Laravel Eloquent or Rails ActiveRecord models. Fresa makes that dream come true.
  • Lifeboat: I don’t love interfacing with Docker Compose in the command line, but when I do, I appreciate having a GUI to go with it.

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