Day 2: What's the deal with this Nutrition thing?

In my last post, I mentioned that I was tying this blog into another challenge I’m doing.

This is a New Years Nutrition challenge put on by my local Crossfit gym. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Eat Real Food: If it grew, walked, swam or flew, it counts as real food.
  2. Not Too Much: A fist’s worth each of protein and starch, and as many vegetables as possible. Four times per day (for me).
  3. Get Enough Sleep: At least seven hours per night.
  4. Drink Enough Water: Half of your body weight, in ounces. This is 112oz for me.
  5. Get Enough Movement: At least 10 minutes of purposeful movement per day.

How’s it going so far?

It’s going OK. I’m on day #2. The hardest parts have been:

  • Veggies in the morning. Gross, right? Stir fry is the best I can come up with so far. Open to any suggestions you might have.
  • Did I mention veggies? How do you people eat vegetables all the goddamned time? I’m running out of combinations that don’t involve a “stirfry” or a “spinach salad.”
  • I wouldn’t mind a cookie or a brownie or a beer. Self-explanatory.

But why?

I’ve been a member of Crossfit Waukee for almost three years. I’ve grown a ton in my strength, conditioning and weightlifting/gymnastic skills. But I’ve stopped short when it’s come to eating right.

Bri and I eat healthily at home. We actively try to eat a variety of meats and fruits. I will say that we sometimes lack in vegetables — though Bri has been better at salads than me.

We do have sweets from time to time. I overindulge in this area too often. And you know where else I overindulge? Whiskey, beer — you name it.

I’m viewing this nutrition challenge as a way to get my act in gear. Bri is a magnificent partner who is doing it with me!

But why really?

I don’t remember ever weighing less than 200lbs.

”Wowow, Josh. What about when you were a baby?”

Well, duh. But I never stepped on the scale as a baby and thought to myself, “God I am overweight.”

It’s been a constant issue, nagging at me for more than two decades. It sucks. And I’m ready to do something about it.

So that’s it. My Day 2 creative item has been a blog post. That’s fine! Just keep your eyes out for future days which will undoubtedly be life-changing, earth-shattering creative inventions.