Save the K-State Marching Band

I was recently informed via an invitation to a Facebook group that a fellow Big IX school, Kansas State, will soon be cutting all student government funding to their marching band. The description is as follows:

The K-State Marching Band is in danger of losing its funding through SGA.

having the smallest budget in the Big 12 and having one of the biggest
programs, the funding that is so vital to the development and growth of
the program at risk.

SGA has decided to lower the bands budget next year with an effect of ZERO dollars in funds in 3 years.

FY 2010 – $140,000
FY 2011 – $70,000
FY 2012 - $0 and eliminated as a line item from the Privilege Fee.
Passed 15-0-0.

[caption id=“attachment_70” align=“alignright” width=“200” caption=“Kansas State Marching Band”]Kansas State Marching Band[/caption]

The notion of cutting funding from any notable arts program bothers me, not-to-mention an organization similar to one that I really love. The Facebook group description goes on to mention contact information for the GSA at K-State, and suggestions on approaching the situation.

If you want to join the group and support the cause, visit the group page here: