Intern Log: June 13 - June 19

Friday, June 18

Early morning today!

Since producers are on vacation/getting married, they’ve been doing some shifting, and I ended up working with just Chris Ludlow, the morning Executive Producer.

He gave me quite a few stories to write. I also got to do another fun thing: Trivia!

In the 5am newscast, Marcus gives a trivia question to be answered. Almost instantly, people start calling into our call-in number. The phones start ringing off the hook - and my job is to answer them.

There isn’t much time for conversation with the trivia-goers, so all I said was “Do you have the answer?”

Surprisingly, I got about seven wrong answers before hearing the right one. Of course, the answers continued to come in, but I just picked up the phone, said “Thanks, we have the answer,” and hang up.

It was a lot of fun. Especially for 5:30am.

Still working on that producing - more to come!

Monday through Wednesday

This one's my fault - I didn't write in my internship log soon enough.

I was in for the nightside shift every night, so I focused a lot on producing and writing.

My goal for the internship is to start producing a lot more stories for the shows - and perhaps even produce my own segment.

I’ve almost already done this in the morning show and part of the 5pm, so I don’t anticipate this being a huge obstacle.

The more writing experience I can get, the more I’ll be ready for a job in the future!

I also put together a fake 30-minute show on our broadcasting system ENPS. This can be pretty tricky to do, especially when you’re not focusing on one day with that day’s reporters and that day’s stories.

More of my own practice segments and newscasts are to come!