A Larson Christmas (2010)

I’m going to take Journalism 310: Introduction to Photojournalism this spring at Iowa State, so I got a Canon Rebel T2i digital SLR camera over break.

I’ve been playing with it; as you can see from the photos above, it’s still a little rough! I’m really liking it, though, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of things.

The only problem I’ve run into is using the video mode (which was a big point of purchasing this model of camera). Though I’m using a 32GB Class-10 card, it’s starting to have buffer-overrun issues. It’s worked for the first 15 or so videos I shot, but now it’s starting to give me trouble.

Hopefully that’s the only issue I have - it’s a great camera!

The little shih tzu in the photos is one that we’re dog-sitting for some friends of ours, but it’s quite photogenic.

If you’re wondering, we have four dogs (plus the shih tzu) and a house cat.

Merry Christmas!