Final Stretch of Break

[caption id=“attachment_687” align=“alignnone” width=“300” caption=“Breanna and her dog, Levi.“]Breanna and her dog[/caption]

I made it back from Springfield just fine. It was a good time - I visited my girlfriend, saw Tron in a nice theater, and visited the Titanic museum in Branson, MO.

Looking ahead, I’m going to visit my roommate tomorrow in Cherokee, IA. He’s turning 21! Finally.

And even further ahead, I’m going to try to get the following done before school starts:

  • Prepare some stuff for fraternity happenings this spring
  • Make some ISUtv promotional material
  • Practice clarinet for my Symphonic Band audition
  • Everything that I'm forgetting about right now
I have my work cut out for me!

Musical Thoughts

As I was driving seven hours either way to Springfield, I listened to a TED talks podcast discussing Coca Cola’s marketing strategy.

In a nutshell, Coca Cola, Inc. does a hell of a good job with marketing. They came up with a way to distribute their product to communities throughout Africa in a non-traditional way. They also came up with a new song appealing to the market - “Waving Flag” (above).

Not only did the song sell Coca Cola - it promoted citizenship and unity. And made it to the top of the pop charts…in 17 countries.