Ted Williams!

Talk about a superstar!

If you haven’t heard the story of Ted Williams, you’re behind the times.

He’s a man seen on the side of the street just weeks ago panhandling. After a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch saw Ted and shot a video of him, he uploaded it to YouTube and it went viral.

Ever since, he’s been getting offers from network news shows for interviews and even jobs. Here’s his interview with the Today Show this morning. Below is mom being reunited with him.

Some questions of my own here:

  • How crazy was it for the producers of the Today Show (NBC) and the Early Show (CBS) to nab Williams before both of their shows this morning. The guy became a sensation just yesterday, so it may have been pretty difficult to book him among everyone else trying to get their hands on him. He did appear on both shows, so I assume something worked out.
  • Check out his coat - the man could have easily gotten a nicer shirt or jacket to wear for the interview. Did the producers ask him to leave his camouflaged coat on (the same one from the viral video) to create more of a "homeless" presence for the show? Or was this Williams' choice? It would be interesting to find out...