Selling Stuff

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: once again, I fail at updating my online self. At least on this website.

But now I”m using this slick “distraction-free” WordPress mode. I’m ready to take on the world. The following should be considered a random array of thoughts, ordered with no meaning whatsoever.

An Audience's IQ

How smart are the people to whom we sell our products?

I recently began working as an online media specialist in the marketing department for an organization that relies heavily upon marketing to drive sales.

Poster, newspaper ad, and email campaign design is a big part of my job. Typically, I’ll put my creative juices to work and whip up something I consider “eye-catching” and “sales-y.”

More often than not, I’ll be asked to add several points of information to each piece (if I haven’t included it already). Generally, it’s the name, date, and time of accessory events pertaining to the main event for which we are creating the advertisement. The argument generally is “well, we need to make sure they know about this event.”

Cool - information added. Graphic sizes are reduced and overall layout is crowded, but we got the point across, right?

”Well, based on just that, we might need to add some more information.”

This is where I get frustrated. How much do we need to baby our audience?

I’m by no means an advertising expert. But I’m of the opinion that our job running ads is to catch attention - create impressions. If the viewer is “into it,” they’ll surely learn more about seeing the event or purchasing the product, right?

I sure as hell don’t know. That’s what journalism school gets you. And a Spanish degree.


For Pete's sake, please stop using social media, cell phones, and other "neat-o fads" in television advertisements when they have NOTHING to do with the product you're selling.

I can’t recall the brand, but there’s an auto commercial running now where patrons are poking around an auto dealer, looking at their phones, and having IM and SMS conversations about what they’re seeing at the dealer.

What does that have to do with cars? Why the hell should I care that these people are on their damn phones, like the majority of the world?

Maybe you’re trying to create a connection. Maybe you’re just out of ideas.

But try harder - please.

The ad I saw most recently that tickled my fancy: Google’s Chrome ad - “Dear Sophie Lee.” The cutest damn thing ever. And they’re selling something that’s free - and about to take over as #2 in browser market.

What's Next

I just saw Captain America. Entertaining movie.

Just paid rent and electricity. It’s always a relief to get those out of the way. And it’s, like, the two days out of the month I feel like a responsible adult.

I need to get groceries. Threw out a bunch of old food that was, well… old.

Bought Up on Blu-ray. Great movie - even better in high definition. Pete Docter and Bob Peterson are incredible.

Season 7 of The Office and Season 3 of Parks and Recreation are on Netflix instant streaming now. I’ve already seen the former, but I’ve yet to see the latter. Probably going to watch both eventually.

I want to play the piano. I need to bring the keyboard up from home.

Lots more coming through my head. This is all that’s fit to print.