Hard Work Rewarded

Avid blog readers, personal historians, and all-purpose stalkers might remember a post I wrote in 2009 detailing the launch of the ISUtv website.

That work has come full circle.

[caption id=“attachment_1090” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“CBI Award for Best Student Media Website. Photo: Rachel Begle/ISUtv”]ISUtv Website Award[/caption]

Today, I learned that ISUtv won the award for Best Student Media Website from Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc.

The award was handed out in Orlando this fall at the 2011 Student Production Awards.

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but ISUtv hardly had a website when I arrived as general manager back in the day.

There was no way to watch any episode or clip from the student-run television station without tuning into the always-fuzzy Mediacom channel 18 or putting a Beta tape into a Beta deck. The old website was from the pre-Wordpress/Drupal days - the days where hosting videos on YouTube seemed impractical.

I’m glad to see the website I helped design and assemble (which now includes archives of old shows, short packages from newscasts, daily newscasts in their entirety, and sports talk shows) has finally gotten some recognition from folks across the nation.

I hear they’re even planning to revamp and redesign the website. Every website needs to be evolving constantly, and ISUtv’s is no exception. As long as the content and usability remains the same or better, the site should be in great hands.

And regardless of the quality of the content posted on the website, I enjoy seeing new content churned out every day and posted for the world to see.