Thanksgiving Break Thoughts

Though being a grown-up means severely shortening the duration of my Thanksgiving break, I’ve found some time to take notes on a few things I’ve noticed during these days off:

  1. I'm thoroughly convinced that our house cat Cleveland will scare off any intruder we might have out in the country. Seriously, she sneaks up on us and pretends that she wants to be held and touched. And the moment you go in to make contact, she snaps. Hisses. Bites. Claws. Maybe it's because my sister named her Cleveland.
  2. I'm so thankful that I'm not in school anymore. Even though the holiday seems to fly by, it would be even worse if I had multiple homework assignments and paper deadlines dangling in the distance. Now all I have to worry about is showering and basic hygiene. And eating -- but God knows I rarely have trouble doing that.
  3. How does my sister have SO MUCH to say ALL THE TIME? It was past midnight, and she was still on her phone every minutes, texting and texting. I don't understand how any human being not running Tech Support for Twitter could manage to frantically respond to the beck and call of a ringtone that quickly.
  4. I love the "Raptors in the Kitchen with the Kids" scene in Jurassic Park. Genius cinematography and VFX for that period. Spielberg shoots shadows and reflections like none other.